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Aug 12 2013

I’ve always digged Jack London

Derek, Ma and Me

I’ve tried to tell this story much in the same way one tells a story to a friend. It’s something that has occurred, you think about it, turn it over in your head and then tell it. I don’t know if it works or it doesn’t. Don’t know if this is what is expected or …

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Jul 28 2013

Cory’s Elevator Task: It’s Raining Men, and Those Men Are All George Washington

Pursuant to the assigned directive, my associates and I induced fiduciary precipitation in a dumbwaiter. In other words, me and my homies brought a stack of bills into an elevator and made it fuckin’ rain.

I’m not sure how we originally arrived at the idea (we being me and Miss Polly “The Uke-meister” Yukevich), but it appealed to us on a number of levels. One, it would definitely be unexpected. Two, a rain of dollar bills has the potential to really brighten someone’s day. Three, we really wanted to treat a bunch of business professionals like strippers.

We figured we should make it rain on a weekday, since that’s when most elevators in the Loop get the heaviest traffic. Ideally we were looking for a building tall enough and busy enough to have an express elevator, so that the skipped floors would give us more time to do our thing. We figured fifty dollars would be enough to achieve the desired effect. Aside from that, we needed business clothes (for disguise) and a portable speaker (for blasting dance music in the elevator). During our practice runs in Polly’s apartment, we also determined that it’s hard to make it rain effectively unless you are standing on some kind of elevated structure, such as a bar at a strip club or – in our case – a plastic crate.

This crate is also my bedside table. Highly practical in a variety of situations.

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Sep 16 2012

The September 2nd Podcast is up

Listen, and enjoy!

goes to the podcast.

Thanks again to all the tellers, in particular to Whispered Tales who came in at the very last minute!

Enjoy our podcast! Back another year of free and easy listening!

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Jul 24 2012

The New Podcast Is up

Here is July’s podcast.

I am a big believer in focusing on the live experience. I want the live show to be the best it can be. All our performers should feel comfortable talking directly to the people in front of them, bring props, go without a mic, dance around, pantomime, or whatever it is they need to create magic in that room that night. We don’t sacrifice the beauty that happens live to help a digital replication.


Live, meant for the stage performance doesn’t translate to the screen well, and similarly the podcasts aren’t as much fun as the shows.

One of the things Janna talked about when we were designing the show, was a call to avoid architecture, to allow for the organic growth of the event and the evenings. We believe this was the right move, and that because of this hands off approach there have been truly magical nights, nights were connections were made, nights where themes immerged, nights where it all came together for specific people in a specific room.

We live in fleeting moments.

Still, we are deeply interested in sharing with rouges, vagabonds, those out of state, and the cute girl next door, the one who just can’t bear to leave; we want them all to listen in. We want to allow for everyone to share these experiences with us after the experience itself is over.

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Jun 09 2012

Podcast is up!

Just a little note to say, the podcast is posted.

Click here to listen to find all the podcasts in one easy place.

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Apr 11 2012

An Outpouring of Thanks

April 1st was our first Anniversary! We are officially one year old. And a ton of you showed up to celebrate, thank you. It was great to see such a crowd of people checking in on us. I hope we dolled out an ample amount of hugs.

For those of you who missed the April 1st show or any of the past shows, live vicariously!

In observance of April 1st, one of our features this month was asked to tell a fib. If you want to skip the suspense, click bellow to find out who it was.

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April 2011 Here’s the Story Podcast Hope you liked this month’s cast!
Feature List: Cameron Esposito, Dave Jennings, Jeff Gandy, Bill Larkin, Deanna Moffit! (Stepped in for Emily Walker)

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Mar 14 2012

March 4th Podcast

March 2012 Here’s the Story Podcast

Check out all of our podcasts here.

<3s to everyone who showed up. RSVP on facebook.
Add it to G Calendar.

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Feb 15 2012

February’s Podcast is up

Great stories told!

Please check out previous podcasts here.

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Dec 17 2011

Podcast is up!

Here it is.

I am trying a new player.

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Oct 13 2011

New Podcast! And Congratulations Stephanie Douglass!

Ahhhh! What a great show!

Thanks to everyone who showed up, told, brought food, ate food, and/or gave me a big old hug! Bernie included!

We will announce the winner by midnight, in the meantime I wanted to at least get the podcast up. (I did my best to fix it. The sound get’s better as the recording goes on. Sorry that it’s a little soft through out your piece, Jet Eveleth.)


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